Child refugees


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We are concerned that Afghan children are no longer allowed to go to Iranian schools, or at least if they do go, they have to pay an enormous amount of money,” the UNHCR official maintained. “We are concerned about the fact that health services are no longer accessible to Afghan refugees. These are our concerns.”
-Marie-Helene Verney, spokeswoman for UNHCR in Geneva (source: IRINnews)

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excerpted from andarsgoo's work

International Standards:
Article 22 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child states that:

1. States Parties shall take appropriate measures to ensure that a child who is seeking refugee status or who is considered a refugee in accordance with applicable international or domestic law and procedures shall, whether unaccompanied or accompanied by his or her parents or by any other person, receive appropriate protection and humanitarian assistance in the enjoyment of applicable rights set forth in the present Convention and in other international human rights or humanitarian instruments to which the said States are Parties.

2. For this purpose, States Parties shall provide, as they consider appropriate, co-operation in any efforts by the United Nations and other competent intergovernmental organizations or non-governmental organizations co-operating with the United Nations to protect and assist such a child and to trace the parents or other members of the family of any refugee child in order to obtain information necessary for reunification with his or her family. In cases where no parents or other members of the family can be found, the child shall be accorded the same protection as any other child permanently or temporarily deprived of his or her family environment for any reason , as set forth in the present Convention.



  1. Afghani children who even their parents have been working and living in Iran for more than 25 years but with no so called “governmental papers” to stay, can not go to school. Just recent statistics came about from education department authorithies in Iran, in every school there are at least 10 Afghani Bachground children waiting to register for shcool. And Government prosecute any NGOs which try to provide any kind of shcooling for this children. They have been NGOs doing that closed down and people being jailed for such a humanitarian and internationally lawfull activities in Iran.

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